Finding What to Hack


Imagine walking without any direction.

It might be fun the first few times, but after doing it over and over again, do you still find it fun?

The same goes for studying. Remember how exciting it was to figure out new things? Think back to when you first learned how to read, write, or draw. All you felt was excitement! You were so eager that your parents could hardly stop you from writing and drawing on the walls!

But then, after doing it thousands of times in your classes, why does it start to feel like a pain? Where did the excitement go?

Bear with us, and we will bring that excitement back by HACKING your learning GOALS!

From why, what, and how to set them, we will guide you so you can feel that excitement again and always!



It is frustrating when you do your best, only to get the least.

All those midnight studying, a routine study group, even extra hours to review the lesson.. to just add more stress?

Again, even the best athletes will not win a competition without a well-fit Strategy!

Worry not, future champs, we will show you how "HACK" your REVISION and EXAM PLAN, all is just so you can stay "in shape" to achieve your "Learning Goal"!



As some of you might know, the answer to deciding which task to tackle first always circles back to 'THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST.'

But then again, it brings up the same complication:

'What is important?'
'How do we determine which task is more important than the others?'

Hey...hey.... chill... we got your back! With us, you'll discover how to firmly determine what the most important things to prioritize are! We will help you HACK your TIME MANAGEMENT!



From the way you recognise the words, you make your notes, all the way to how you memorise your lessons!


Visual Spelling

English is not strictly a phonetic language. While phonetic languages have a consistent relationship between sounds and their corresponding written symbols, English spelling can be more irregular and unpredictable.

The challenge arises because most information and sources of knowledge are provided in this language!

When a language lacks phonetic consistency, remembering and understanding words can be difficult, even for some native speakers.

Visual spelling techniques are important because they provide alternative methods for remembering and recalling the correct spelling of words, especially if it is harder for you who needs to read the words over and over again, to memorise the spelling.


Power Up Notes

Imagine putting in a lot of time and effort to take notes during lessons or lectures, only to experience chaos when trying to extract understanding from them!

You can't find where they are, as you've scattered them among piles of papers and books. You can't grasp the point of your notes because you wrote them in such a hurry. There are simply too many to read, and you've lost your energy to prepare for your exam.

But fear not! That chaos can be avoided if your notes are:

1. Well-summarized (containing only the essentials)

2. Fun and attractive (instead of being a carbon copy of your textbook)

3. Well-systematized

Through Power Up Notes, we're going to show you how to organize your notes in such a manner! It's another secret weapon in your academic arsenal!


Power Up Memory

At times you might find yourselves wondering,

Why, after hundred of hours reading… listening to my teacher… and doing exercise, still in the the exam.. I couldn’t even recall what I read… listened to and exercised?

Does it mean that you have a bad brain!? 

Nah! It just means you haven't found a way to enhance your memory as well as process the information from your lessons.

Most of the time, you're forced to memorize information simply by stacking or piling it up, and when you need it most, it's not there... not accessible!

Hang tight, we are going to show you how to HACK your MEMORY!

Power Up Memory will help you manage every piece of information from your lessons in a very "tidy" way, making it easy for you to recall what you've learned!



We are more than HAPPY if you think that you are ready to cruise the learning journey with the hacks you have learned!

At the same time, we won't leave you unprotected just yet!

We know the learning journey can be tiring and make you prone to stress, that is why we are also going to help you get prepared on what things you need to know about stress and how to prevent and deal with it, how to Hack your stress as a learner.



In simpler terms, as a student, your ultimate goal in learning is to ace your exams, correct?

While you may have "Almost Everything" you need to achieve that result, in Study Hacked, you'll also discover how to "HACK" in your exams.

Certainly, there's nothing mischievous here; just some steps to help you be more than prepared to apply what you've learned.

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