Knowledge Box is an innovative online education platform dedicated to transforming traditional learning methods. Our programs are designed to make studying enjoyable and effective, helping children unlock their full potential.


The Founder, Benjamin Jeremiah Ong, has dedicated his life to coaching and training his participants in a bid to live up to his mission of making a difference to the lives of people he encountered.

Having more than a decade’s worth of experience in the Coaching and Training industry, Benjamin has inspired more than 21,000 individuals across Asia, namely Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Benjamin Jeremiah Ong manages to create a realistic and relevant training experience for his participants by implementing lessons he acquired from his life experiences and also from his educational experiences that he gained from his years of studies.

Not fearing to challenge his participants and stretching them to their limits. Benjamin’s effective training and coaching methods have been a catalyst for success in the lives of many of his participants.

Vanessa Ho is a passionate educator on a mission to empower young minds from all backgrounds. Her unwavering belief is that every youth can succeed when equipped with the right strategies. 


Vanessa’s journey from struggling student to academic standout led her to discover engaging study methods.


She excels at simplifying complex subjects and transforming struggling students into high achievers. Graduating with an Economics degree from RMIT, she’s not just a teacher but a leader. Vanessa conquered stage fright, becoming a skilled public speaker and even hosted the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.


Vanessa shapes her students for success, honing their interview and presentation skills, helping them secure scholarships. Specializing in study and leadership skills, she adds a fun twist to education by using games to capture young minds. In 150 words, Vanessa Ho emerges as a dedicated mentor, dedicated to empowering the next generation for success.

Bayu's professional experience spans over a decade, beginning with training university students in 2010. He has since specialized in cultural, language, and communication training, serving as the lead language and localization trainer for government officials in Indonesia from 2016 to 2022.

Bayu's student-centered philosophy focuses on tailoring learning experiences to individual preferences and personalities, ensuring that each participant achieves the highest possible results in their unique way. His expertise in helping learners adapt to new social and life setups has empowered many to build confidence and succeed in their endeavors.

In 2018, Bayu successfully led a group of American students through a challenging research project in Jakarta, overcoming language barriers and tight deadlines. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the State Islamic University of Jakarta and is a Certified Emotional Resilience Coach, among other qualifications.

Kurt Neil is a passionate advocate for child development and learning, inspired by his parents' belief in the untapped potential within every child. With eight years of experience in the coaching and training industry, Kurt has evolved from a coach to a dedicated trainer since 2016.

Kurt's philosophy centers on fun and freedom in learning, emphasizing that studying should be an enjoyable and expansive experience rather than a limiting one. He believes in the importance of engaging with subjects that interest students, making learning both liberating and exciting.

One of Kurt's notable successes is transforming a timid participant into a confident school leader, showcasing his ability to help individuals break out of their shells and reach their full potential. Kurt holds a BS in Management from Ateneo de Manila University, and his commitment to fostering growth and development in children is unwavering.